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download the Change Giving App.

Your spare change campaign will only grow as much as you share it. Your core support team will be your biggest help with the start of your fundraiser.


Connect with Community Influencers

Raise Awareness Get your donor base excited by sharing your Spare Change Fundraising Campaign with them on social media. Tell them to download the Change Giving App to donate their spare change and stay updated on your story.


Spare Change Adds Up!

Can you imagine the impact if your entire town started donating their spare change to support their local non-profits?!

The average monthly spare change donation adds up to $20 which can make a huge difference in someone's life. 

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Use these buttons below on your website to promote your Fundraising Campaign. You can instantly direct your  to the app stores to download Change Giving and start giving to your fundraising campaign.


How the Change Giving App works for your donors.


Download our helpful guide to setting up your spare change fundraising campaign.



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