5 Videos About Generosity That Will Give You Goosebumps

July 29, 2016


Generosity doesn’t always look like a financial donation.


It can look like compassion, perspective, time, energy, and love. Even when it comes to monetary donations, research from the National Philanthropic Trust shows that 63% of high net worth donors cite “giving back to the community” as a chief motivation for giving. Organizations around the globe are working for the greater good by giving back in their areas.


There are hundreds if not thousands of organizations’ videos that will give you goosebumps, make you think, and move you to the action of “giving back.” Here are five of our favorite videos that pulled on our heartstrings and inspired us to give.



1) Giving is the Best Communication


This powerful video portrays the pure essence of generosity.


TrueMove H Thailand, a Thai telecom company, released this compelling 3-minute commercial to inspire kindness and giving. It beautifully tells a story of “giving without hope of return.”


Pure generosity is exactly that. Generosity isn’t an exchange nor does it have an agenda.  


This one will leave you: grabbing for your heart.



2) Charity Water: Rachel Beckwith’s Last Wish


Rachel Beckwith’s 9th birthday wish was to raise $300 for charity:water so 15 people could get clean drinking water. She came up $80 short and told her mom she would try harder next year.


Before her 10th birthday, Rachel died in a tragic car accident. Once the world heard her story, people began to grant her last wish, raising a total of $1.2 million towards the cause. Rachel’s selfless wish led to over 60,000 people drinking clean water.


This one will leave you: feeling good about humanity.




3) Love 146

 Love146 History from Love146 on Vimeo.


This video goes into detail about the origin of Love 146’s name, through a gut-wrenching story. Founder Rob Morris tells the story of his experience going undercover in child brothels in Southeast Asia and reveals the sickening reality of child sex trafficking. Their mission will pull on your heart, leave you wanting to give, and push you to make a change in these children’s lives.


This one will leave you: with a lump in your throat and a fire in your belly.




4) Rainforest Alliance



Rainforest Alliance takes a comedic angle on the reality of our “save the world” mindsets or what they like to call the “cliché gringo fantasy.”


This video hilariously shows the extreme measures we won’t take to save the rainforests, no matter how much our “gringo fantasy” tells us otherwise.

Making a difference doesn’t need to look like an #OccupyTheRainforest movement or leading a revolution against deforesters; it can simply look like mindful purchases in your everyday life. We love this one because Change Giving has a similar mission: to make giving manageable and actionable in your everyday life.  


This one will leave you: feeling like you can make a difference.




5) Mama Hope


Mama Hope's mission is to lift communities out of poverty by training impact entrepreneurs from around the world and partnering them with visionary leaders in developing countries.


This video starts out by touching on difficult stereotypes built by the media about African men. Through movie scenes filled with violence and anger, you realize how much Hollywood has created this false depiction of African culture.


Mama Hope challenges this stereotype. Gabriel, Benard, Brian, and Derrick are four featured African men who go from somberly gazing into the camera to bursting out in laughter about a Matthew McConaughey poster. Their message pushes you to have a more gracious and open mind for people unlike you, even through built-up stereotypes.


Why does Hollywood enjoy stereotypes? They sell tickets. Mama Hope is after people’s hearts. Why does Hollywood enjoy stereotypes? They sell tickets. #MamaHope is after people’s hearts.


This one will leave you: with a broader perspective and an open mind for those different than you.




Generosity can look like a hundred different things. All in all, its purpose is serving others.


Something inside of you sparks when you watch these videos and makes you want to give back. Whether that be your time, voice, skills, or money, we encourage you to give for the love of people.


Explore what Change Giving has to offer. It will leave you with goosebumps and inspire you to rethink what you do with your pocket change.








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