How it works

Fundraise and donate with Change Giving


It’s easier than you think

Change Giving simplifies giving by allowing users to donate their spare change to Fundraising Campaigns with their everyday transactions.

  • 1. Connect

    Create a spare change account and link your bank to the app.

  • 2. Select

    Select up to 5 fundraising campaigns to support with your spare change

  • 3. Purchase

    Continue your purchases as usual using your debit and credit cards.

  • 4. Donate

    We round your purchases up to the nearest dollar and donate the spare change.


Who Fundraises with Change Giving?

  • Charities

    Helping maximize each fundraising potential. We facilitate the way donors can support your causes.

  • Individuals

    From supporting sick family members to funding community projects we help family and friends come together for the same cause.

  • Businesses

    Supporting new business ventures.  Helping fund production needs.

Monthly donations

The easiest way to donate. Helping fundraisers have a recurring income with Spare Change Donations.

One time donations

We facilitate the way donors support causes. Donors can give instantly to the fundraise of their choice.

The Tools to Create a Successful Fundraising Campaign

  • Easy to share

    Customize your campaign profile and easily share it with your potential donors everywhere. ​


    • Customized landing page

    • Post pictures and videos

    • Add your goals and objectives

    • Share it everywhere

  • Report

    Receive monthly reports on who is giving to your fundraising Campaign


    • Total donated each month

    • Monthly giving report

    • See average donations Amounts


Small Change. Meaningful Giving.

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