Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

When do you take my spare change?

We calculate your bank transactions throughout the entire month. Your spare change will be rounded up and taken out on the 3rd of every month and delivered to your campaign fundriasers within 2-4weeks.

How do I control how much I can give each month?

You can set a safety net just in case you have a lot of transactions in a month. Change Giving will never take more than your maximum amount set. You can also set a minimum amount to donate each month to ensure that your causes are being funded.

How secure is Change Giving?

No bank logins or other sensitive banking information is stored or kept on file. All information is encrypted and secure.

What are the Fees involved?

Processing Fees 15% processing fee will be charged to all. Change Giving deducts the following fees from all donations: 11% Bank Verification Services, App/Web Maintenance, Server Space, Accounting Services, App Updates 4% + 30cents Merchant Processing Fee Totalling: 15% in fees **All processing fees are non-refundable and all users are subject to these fees.

How much money goes directly to the charity?

85% of your gift goes to your campaign fundraisers.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Receipts for Charitable Donations (Non-Profits) When possible, Change Giving will provide a receipt for your charitable donations so that you can validate, as required by the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, your charitable contributions for Federal Income tax purposes. Change Giving will provide documentation for your contribution to qualify your tax reduction to the best of our abilities. Change Giving does not represent, warrant or guarantee that you will receive such documentation or that the IRS will ultimately recognize your contribution as being tax deductible. Individual & Business Fundraising Campaigns are not tax deductable.

Can I donate a reoccuring gift each month?

The app gives you the option to choose a monthly minimum donation amount that you can divide between up to 5 fundraising campaigns.

Can I use my online fundraising login to login into the app?

Your campaign fundraiser login will not sign you into the change giving app. This is a seperate login email and password that must be used. You will need to create a "Giver Profile" on the App in order to login into the app to start following and giving. You can do this by downloading the app from iTunes or Google Play App stores and following the signup process. Login online at to edit your Fundraising Campaign and post pictures, videos and status updates (those posts will populate on the change giving app).

How do I start a fundraising campaign?

It's easy! There are 3 types of fundraising campaigns, Charity 501C3's, Individuals, and Businesses. You can create a campaign here:

Can I turn my donations off?

Yes, you can disable your donations at anytime.

How does the app take my change?

When you find a fundraiser you'd like to give to: 1. Hit the give button on their profile page. 2. This will prompt you to add a payment mehthod (the debit card you want charged). 3. After that you will be able to securly connect to your bank to allow change giving to round your transactions to the nearest dollar. This caclutaion happens at the end of the month. Your rounded change will be collected and taken out of your account on the 3rd of every month. (You can skip having your change calculated and set a minimum donation amount instead. That way each month you know eactly how much your giving and which campaigns you want to support).

Do I have to pay taxes on a fundraiser?

Generally, the beneficiary will not have to pay income taxes on the money you raise. This is because the money you raise is considered a gift to the beneficiary and gifts are not included in a person's taxable income.

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